To boldly go where no one has gone before, you need more than a sturdy spaceship and an adventurous crew.

384,000 km from both the Earth and the Moon sits a small space station. Constructed of steel and ice and resembling an oversized dumbbell, Sol3a is home to Adam Temper.

Adam is a SysOp for communications with humanity's clandestine outposts on the far side of the Moon. He cares for all communications and data needs of Lunar scientists, engineers, educators and the like. He is a custodian of the human legacy and a primary resource for information regarding all past, present, and future space endeavors of mankind. His mission is to maintain humanity's civilization for any eventuality that may occur on Earth and maintains an outstanding reputation as a sort of "electronic caretaker" for lunar civilization.

He loves his job and enjoys everything about it. He is an intelligent, thoughtful person that watches over the silent thoughts of some of humanity's greatest scientific minds. Stowed away on the far side are no less than three Nobel Prize winners, twelve engineers, six 'retired' college professors, and thirty-seven scientists together with support personal. All working together to ensure that mankind will be ready, if not prepared, to survive and thrive through whatever crises may occur in the future.

"Sol3a", he mutters to himself, "Science without Mercy. . Even though he has to constantly monitor them from afar, Adam feels confident in their gradual development of a sustainable civilization beyond Earth.

This is Adam's log.


Adam Mackay
Technology Writer